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  • German Translator (Native Speaker)

    面議 浙江-寧波 經驗不限 本科 兼職若干人 德語(精通)

    German Translator (Native Speaker)

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    Since the foundation in 2005, Ningbo Lala Translation Co., Ltd. has kept a foothold on Ningbo, a modern and international port city, and has extended its business into tens of developed cities and regions from home and abroad, such as Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi, Milan and Sapporo. We offer long-term, professional, first-rate service to transnational corporations, powerful enterprises, government sectors, scientific research institutions and NGOs. Those top-notch services that have won us an unparalleled reputation include translation, consecutive interpretation, and simultaneous interpretation. Now we sincerely hope you, the most promising translators and interpreters, join us. Qualifications: 1. Foreigner from Germany and native language is German; 2. More-than-3-year German translation experience (Specify your translation field, such as Engineering, Medicine etc.); 3. Having enthusiasm in translation with responsibility, patience and carefulness; 4. Freelancer will be preferred. If you have interest, please send your resume to hr@lala-trans.com or contact Ruby Lu (134-2933-9913).
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    溫馨提示: 用人單位招聘人才,以任何名義收取費用(如體檢費、服裝費等)都屬于違法,請應聘者提高警惕!
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